APRIL 2015

In 2007 this thing called Record Store Day started as an annual celebration of records and the few remaining independent record shops. Each year since then RSD has gotten bigger and alongside the resurgence in interest in vinyl now means that it's pretty much impossible to get a small run of records pressed up during the first 6 months of the calendar year. And so it is that Punkhouse has had to take an enforced break, and the expected Easter resurrection of the next 3 releases won't now occur until July. You're all on the mailing list and will hear about them as soon as they hit Punkhouse Central. Hot Fun In The Summertime.



The next batch of Punkhouse releases is now on its way to the pressing plant. Lead time for vinyl these days means that release date is expected to be late-April but look out for 3 new packages:

TIDY 8 - The Venom album. Already certified gold, this is going to be a superdeluxe package - the definitive Venom record

TIDY 11 - The Noise/Venom double-header picture sleeve 7"

TIDY 4 re-press - The Tunnelrunners "100 MPH" EP in all-new packaging

Check in for more details  and pre-order info next month




Uber Rock review of the year-end gig that saw the original Autonomes run through their album, supporting the Vibes at The Garage.


The Venom had to pull out due to unforseen circumstances but they will surely be back this year, and a new Punkhouse release will be announced imminently.

Meanwhile, the Punkhouse Autonomes album has now sold out. If demand continues the way it has been, a re-press may well be in order later in 2015.



Released on 8th December, "Millions Like Us" is a 4 CD set from Cherry Red Records that chronicles the 'Mod Revival' scene over the period 1977-89. Amongst the 100 tracks within are 2 from the Punkhouse archives - both of which feature nicely in the 48-page booklet.

Available for about 30p per track from all good record shops, or here  

More info, links, photos and vids on the "Millions Like Us" Facebook page


  • TIDY4: The Tunnelrunners "100 MPH" is now sold out from Punkhouse Record Shop. If you are desperate for the first white vinyl edition you're going to need to go the Discogs, e-bay, record fair route. A re-press is under consideration for early 2015. This would correct the 2 errors on the first edition: miss-spelling Graham's name; and neglecting to include the Producer credit for Andrew Reader - but would be a noticeably different pressing in order to maintain the uniqueness of the original 
  • The latest Punkhouse release project - the first PHR 12" - is in the final design stages, with some exciting news due next month

In the meantime, the November edition of the Audio Ammunition online magazine contains reviews of the first batch of Punkhouse releases. Thanks a lot AA

Check out the reviews here



A resurgent Venom have announced their first gig in 30 years - and what a line-up: Whips & Furs, 'Arringtons; Crombies, Anarchy & Bondage, Stormtroopers, and Bunnerettes

Sunday 28th December 2014 - The Garage, Uplands, Swansea

  • The Vibrators
  • The Autonomes
  • Venom
  • Ray Jones & The Bunnerettes



The explosion of vinyl releases from record labels old and new is making it harder for a small label to get a limited pressing run. There are only so many vinyl pressing plants in the world and they've all got a long waiting-list.

But the cogs are still turning in the background and Punkhouse is lining up some interesting new projects for the 'Autumn/Winter collection'.....


JUNE 2014

Two new Punkhouse releases out on June 10th

TIDY 7 - The Tunnelrunners "Plastic Land" EP re-issue

Available in 3 different label versions. Limited to 100 copies each:

The bundle of all 3 versions also includes a replica of the original "Plastic Land" sleeve from 1980, with replica lyric sheet, plus a TIDY7 postcard autographed by Madoc and Graham.

TIDY 6 - The Lost Boys EP - Special Edition with 4 extra tracks on cassette

4 track 7" EP on clear vinyl + 4 track red cassette

New metalised photo card 7" sleeve insert + ziplock bag with photo insert for the cassette.

Numbered limited edition of 100 only

MAY 2014

Tunnelrunners interview on AmeriCymru website

Re-born DODOs make a rare appearance - at Mozart's in the Uplands, Swansea - Friday 6 June 2014

APRIL 2014

Uber Rock website reviews the Autonomes album

MARCH 2014

Record Collector magazine reviews the Autonomes Album


1st edition of The Urge/Dodos EP now sold out

2nd edition available in new hand-silkscreened, hand-stamped, hand-numbered sleeves - choice of two