The Lost Boys formed in early 1980 and were based in the Uplands area of Swansea. Named after J.M. Barrie's fictional characters, the original line-up consisted of Paul Battenbough – Lead Vocals and Guitar, Richard Cowell – Lead Vocals and Bass, Dai Steward – Lead Guitar, and Jeremy Ratcliffe – Drums. Steward left the band in 1981 and was replaced by geology student Max Sommers.

The band’s first gig was at Old Nicks - now the Mission Gallery in Swansea Marina. Following a gig supporting The Squirts at Swansea University, the band were offered a regular evening slot at The Coach House pub on Wind Street. It was here that the band developed a faithful following - with their heavily-flanged guitars and twin-harmony lead vocals, they brought a more complex sound to the scene at a similar time as bands such as The Cure and Joy Division were plumbing deeper depths from the inspiration that punk first provided.

Three of the four tracks included on The Lost Boys e.p. were recorded in 1981 at Majestic Studios in Clapham with producer Bryan Evans. The band later recorded another session at Tony Visconti’s studio with Evans, but unfortunately none of the tapes survived. A further song - Who Are The Meek Ones? - was recorded at Howard Cooze’s basement studio in Glanmor Road, Swansea. The track was included on the Sonic International compilation e.p. Sex Violence And The Eternal Truth. The fourth track on The Lost Boys e.p. - I Can Do Anything - also comes from the Howard's sessions.

The Lost Boys disbanded in 1983. Drummer Ratcliffe has since passed away.